Central province activates disaster operation committee.


THE Provincial Disaster Operation Committee in Tulagi was activated following the country’s COVID-19 situation.

Premier of Central Islands Province, Stanley Manetiva said the PDOC was activated as of yesterday to help prevent further COVID-19 transmission on Tulagi.

Manetiva said they identified that the risk of COVID-19 entering CIP is very high and so containment is needed in the villages and Tulagi.

“We have agreed to activate CPCs and COVID-19 guidelines and measures on Tulagi, these are:

1.     Silent World- Ships movement to be closely monitored and controlled.

2. PPC to arrange a meeting with Silent World and Avi Avi at the Police Station

3. Shops- distancing, a certain time to access shops by persons from each zone. Shops close at 10 pm

4. OBMs identify only certain spots for berthing are Taporo and market areas only.

5. Betel markets to be closed. Markets close at 6 pm. No more sleeping at the market. 

6. Mock lockdown date to be agreed upon and aware of our residents.

7. No late night movement, house to house or village to village. Curfew, police to monitor by 10 pm. Public notice to our people. Meet the CPCs and the Chairman of each 5 zones.

8. Wash facilities. Wharf, market- Solomon Water, Environmental Health.

9. Office Precaution measures- Notice for practice. Crowding in offices, movement of boats,” he said.

Manetiva said his meeting with the Tulagi PDOC team took place yesterday.

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