Central market faces shortage in fish supply


FISH supply at the Central Market is facing a shortage leaving customers with little choice but to purchase the seafood at a higher price.

This was revealed by Mr Roger Lata, a regular fish vendor at Central Market’s fish corner.

He explained that the reason behind the short supply of fish is because fish venders have shifted to the beche-de-mer business.

In relation, Mr Lata stresses that the sea cucumber which can be bought cooked or uncooked has been offered attractive prices by buyers thus with the price incentive at hand, fishermen and divers have decided to venture into the reopened beche-de-mer market in the provinces.

He added that even boats used for fishing purposes are now being used for beche-de-mer and the fish market is now unstable with the catch of the day being much less than before.

On the other hand, he digressed to say that the bright side of the story is that fish vendors who remain in the market can use this opportunity to earn higher profits by increasing their catch and selling price.

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