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CAUSE Project making impact in Western urban centres

Noro Market Jetty in progress. Photo supplied by CAUSE Project


THE Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE) project continues to deliver much needed development not only Gizo but also other urban centres in Western Province.

There are a number of projects in Munda, Noro and Gizo that were completed while some projects are still ongoing.

The latest project currently underway in Gizo is the construction of a 202 meters foot path at the lower district of the capital to Jah Mountain.

Speaking to SunGizo office, CAUSE Project Community Liaison Officer (CLO), Gizo Project Implementation Unit, Penny Siliako said a total of 20 CAUSE-graduated Trainees which includes men and women are busy constructing the footpath at the moment.

Women taking the lead in constructing the foot path.

He said the newly built Jacobs Ladder will run for 202 meters from the main road in the Lower District area next to the Seventh Day Church all the way up to Jah Mountain.

“Actually, the Jacobs ladder will only be 87 meters long (located only on the hill leading up to Jah, with the rest being a footpath due to the flat terrain).

Third market stall in Munda progressing well. Photo supplied by CAUSE Project

“This project has a total duration of 75 days, taking into account weather and material availability,” Siliako said.

He said the workers are currently clearing shrubs, establishing a profile, excavating footings and drainage, fabricating formwork, installing and preparing surfaces.

Siliako said the construction will begin at Jah Mountain and progress downward.

“So the work plan is to finish Jacob’s Ladder first, followed by the Footpath,” he said.

Siliako hopes the footpath will benefit everyone who lives along the ridges as well as those at Jah Mountain.

The frame of the 200 meters long foot path.
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