26.9 C
Solomon Islands
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

    Mother’s courage in the face of a COVID induced economy

    BY BEN BILUAGizoSHE withstands the heat, the dust and with her body stretched to the limit, she keeps going to provide for her family.This is the story of 36-year-old, Rose Oli who fought against...


    Director police investigations under fireCommissioner Mangau says no evidenceIsabel government says evidence submitted 2 months agoBY JENNIFER KUSAPAThe director of police’s criminal investigation division (NCID) has come under fire for alleged corruption.The NCID director...


    Most families still live ‘hand to mouth’: WaleBy EDDIE OSIFELOThe persistence of hardships felt by families and households in the country has prompted the call for government to come up with a second stimulus...

    Where clouds meet the mountain

    BY BEN BILUAGizoWANT to see this place, go to Hambere Village Stay which is located at one of Western Province’s biggest Islands, Kolombangara.The beautiful and breath taking view is worthy of your hard earned...

    Surviving the Weather Coast’s ‘hungry times’

    BY JARED KOLION a steep slope overlooking the treacherous Solomon seas, a lone figure sits under a tree staring into the distance, the shade from a nearby tree offers a cool respite from Harrison...


    BY PETER ZOLEVEKE II“Iu minim kaen type ia,” expressed Doorman Project’s (DMP) lead vocals and ragamuffin David Fafale or known better by stage name ‘Evin Rush’ quoting from the band’s initial hit song back...

    Noro land issue

    Lands Board supports commissioner, Pari hits back clarifying misleading statementsBY ALFRED PAGEPITUThe Land Board on Tuesday this week gave its full support to the Commissioner of Lands for taking action to forfeit Fixed Term...

    First things first – Cassava

    MELBOURNE-BASED Vinay Reddy, Managing Director of Vinay’s Food, has been buying cassava from Varivao Holdings Ltd since 2019 and has so far received seven containers of yellow cassava from Solomon Islands. And he wants more.So...

    Taking steps to protect leatherback sea turtles

    By IAN KAUKUI SOLOMON Islands, a country with one of the world’s most extensive shorelines, has taken a step towards conserving the nesting beaches and protection of Pacific leatherback sea turtles.The Nature Conservancy (TNC) office...

    Photos that would remind the world one day – Climate change exhibition

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPAA climate change photography exhibition was held at the Unity Square aimed at exhibiting photographs of winners of the Pacific Climate Photography Competition.Winners of the competition from the Solomon Islands are Daniel...