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Solomon Islands
Friday, December 3, 2021

    Shipment of hospital beds from New Zealand

    DEAR EDITOR, a 40 foot container with 48 hospital beds and some other hospital furniture, such a side tables, will be shipped from Wellington in New Zealand in June.The 48 hospital beds will be...

    Disability rights and needs in the Solomons

    DEAR EDITOR, in a press statement from the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in September 2015 it was stated that the SIG could ratify the UN Treaty for the Protection of Persons...

    Honiara Temotu nurses

    Dear Editor, I would like to write in response to an article sighted on Solomon Star issue no 6909 on May 18, which carries the heading “Honiara Temotu Nurses”.As the writer Leonard Meneseng rightly...

    Matanikau River – a natural beauty so polluted and Honiara’s embarrassment

    DEAR EDITOR, if you are in Honiara, take a walk down to one of the two bridges that links the east bank to the west bank of the Matanikau River: take a good look...

    Where there is a will there is a way

    Dear EditorMY recent letter to the media mentioning that the Indian Prime Minister had promised in 2015, to provide several of the smaller islands states in the Pacific region, including the Solomon Islands, lighting...

    Japan-SI airport deal

    DEAR EDITOR, the SI Government signed a milestone agreement with the Japanese Government for the improvement of the Honiara International Airport Project last Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan.Quoting the Solomon Star newspaper of May 17,...

    Sexting is illegal in Solomon Islands

    DEAR EDITOR, the question of whether sexing is an offense can be considered as one of the rejected one, which no one would like to talk about it as well as, it may be...

    Land dispute in Malaita

    DEAR EDITOR, I disagree with the statement made by the Prime minister in public media on land issue in Malaita province.The land dispute issue should be treated as part and partial of the policy...

    Aiding and funding rural medical services in the Solomon Islands

    DEAR EDITOR, once again this year a mobile medical team is visiting the Solomon Islands and currently visiting Small Malaita for 8 days or so,The medical team includes a neurosurgeon, a neurosurgeon specialist an...

    Togamae private emergency clinic

    DEAR EDITOR, I have become aware that a new Emergency Clinic will be opening its doors very soon in Honiara.The clinic to be called the Togamae Private Emergency Clinic will be under the supervision...