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Solomon Islands
Friday, December 3, 2021

    Independent leader says ‘no more middlemen’

    The Leader of Independent Group in Parliament, John Dean Kuku, has called on the DCGA to immediately ban foreigners from applying and obtaining licences to export beche-de-mer, and give the opportunity to local indigenous...


    Government issued 435 licences to logging companiesBy EDDIE OSIFELOMINISTRY of Forest and Research has issued a total of 435 licences to logging companies operating throughout the country.These include 281 valid licences and 154 operation...

    Sinking sands in the Western Solomons

    BY BEN BILUAGizoAs dawn broke in the Western Solomons, frigate birds were searching for their resting place only to find few coral stones. The stones are what is left of a sinking island. These...

    Tuvalu will not relocate

    PM Sopoaga gives these powerful words to earth’s first-world countries BY CHARLES KADAMANAIn Funafuti, TuvaluTHERE is no safe place in the world due to climate change and Tuvalu will not be taking any option of...

    Aqorau’s advice on mining screening

    By EDDIE OSIFELOA leading academic Dr Transform Aqorau has offered some advice on how to screen so-called mining companies applying for licences.This came after Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification is screening the...

    HCC going tough

    13 betel nut sellers arrestedBy Mike PuiaTHIRTEEN betel nut vendors were arrested and in custody as Honiara City Council (HCC) enforce tough measure against those illegally selling betel nut on the street as of yesterday.The vendors were arrested...

    Huge information gap on TSM

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLOWHILST women leaders in the country are battling to have reserved seats for women at the political level through Temporary Special Measures (TSM), a report revealed there is a large information...

    Forestry says it’s keen on copying SFRM model

    Ministry of Forest and Research is eying replication of the Sustainable Forest Resource Management (SFRM) Project model in the country once the project comes to an end.This was highlighted at the SFRM Joint Coordinated...


    Businessman wins lawsuit following Police and Fisheries Ministry cock-upBY JENNIFER KUSAPAGovernment could lose $56 million over a huge cock-up by the RSIPF (police) and Ministry of Fisheries (MFMR).Medical professional turned businessman, Dr Reginald Aipia...

    WinWin told to halt its mining operation

    By EDDIE OSIFELOCHOVOHIO Midstream Association wants to see WinWin Investment Solomon Limited halts its mining operation at Turarana in Central Guadalcanal.This was after claims they did not receive royalty payments comparable to the loss...