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Solomon Islands
Friday, December 3, 2021

    Plasticwise Gizo, a beacon of hope

    BY BEN BILUAGizoOUR Islands, Our Wastes and Our Future. This was the message Plasticwise Gizo put across during the launching of their programme yesterday.The programme is looking at addressing solid wastes such as plastics...

    Grereo festival starts

    BY MAVIS N PODOKOLOTHE 2021 Grereo festival and Isabel Second Appointed Day Celebration for Isabelians residing in Honiara was officially opened yesterday with the aim to re-ignite cultural and religious values.The event was held...

    Taiwan culture encounters transformation

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIA OTHER people occupying Taiwan are transforming its culture and tradition, according to the Director General for Indigenous People Cultural Development Centre, Council of Indigenous People in Taiwan.Mr Tseng Chih Yung said...

    Dugong mother and calf unveiled

    BY GEORGINA KEKEARIGHT in the center of the National Art Gallery area lies a dugong mother and calf. Unveiled yesterday, the dugong mother and calf symbolizes the recognition of this mammal in our society....

    Floral, soap making training underway

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPAABOUT 20 participants are in a five-day floral and soap making training at the National Art Gallery.Trainer John Fadama said such training improves one’s skills on how to do something one will...

    The man who is ‘Blind Tome’

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITULIVING with disability was never seen as a barrier for 52-year-old Tomme Tanisuda, or known in the local music scene as ‘Blind Tome’.The gifted musician who was born blind, talked with the...

    Paiwan tribe showcase traditional costume MACFest

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIA PAIWAN tribe from the Republic of China (Taiwan) during the 6th Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival showcased a tradition costume made from tree bark.The costume is one of the cultural identities...

    Support journalists to overcome barriers: Kenilorea

    BY MAVIS N PODOKOLOTHE country must support journalists to overcome barriers to their work, says Alicia Kenilorea, United Nations Joint Presence representative at yesterday’s Press Freedom Day event in Honiara.“At this time, we must...

    Tikopian delegation highlights SI in France

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIAFRANCE is looking to support Solomon Islands after the film on Tikopia and its way of life was showcased in Paris, France.Two weeks ago, a high Chief from Tikopia and five...

    Success of MACFest masks undercurrent of dissatisfaction

    By Alfred SasakoAS the veil of success of the two-week Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival (MACFEST) lifted, undercurrents of dissatisfaction by some local artists have begun to emerge.And one member of the Arts Association...