Call for tougher penalty on sex offenders


THE President of the Solomon Islands Bar Association Silverio Lepe says court should be consistent and impose tougher sentences against child sex offenders.

He made the call following the increase in sexual violation against children.

“2018 has greeted us with an alarming degree of alleged sexual violence against children, the youngest being a two year old.”

He said such incident is sickening the community and something has to be done to deter such offences from increasing in our societies.

“I call on UNICEF, Ministry of Women and those who advocate for sexual violence against Women and Girls to conduct a survey as to whether or not the trend that we are seeing, is caused by a sudden change of attitude by men towards women and girls,” Mr Lepe said.

He also said that visiting the sexual offenders at Rove and interviewing them to find out what made them carry out these offenses against children will be a bonus.

Sending them to Rove is only half of the solution, Lepe said.

Lepe said learning and understanding why is another half of the solution, so that awareness can be made to stop future offender

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