Call to repair Gizo’s streetlights



GIZO street lights are no longer working, and concerned public are questioning the province’s planning division why nothing is being done about it.

They say that street lights help in curbing crime in the dark of night, and authorities should realise this importance.

A Mr John Tano yesterday said, “We are concern over those Solar street lights for safety purpose of Women, Girls and people during night time.

“Some lights along the street where not working properly anymore and our question here is how long will the responsible authorities fix those Solar street lights.

“Most suggestions have been discuss and those responsible people are being urge to wake up and stop sleeping over the long standing issue of not fixing the street lights.”

Tano said the Planning Division Office promised to have lights fixed last year, but have not.

This paper understands that the street lights were distributed by a local solar company in Honiara through the Western provincial governments PCDF project allocation over the past years.

The Gizo Beautification solar street lights project was built last year in the Western province.

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