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Call to prevent corruption



PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela says corruption must be prevented otherwise it will deprive people’s benefits expected from the country’s resources.

“We must prevent the culture of corruption from taking hold in our country.

“If we do not, it will lead us down a path that will deprive our people of the benefits they should rightly expect from our country’s resources.

“In this regard I am happy to inform the nation that the Anti – Corruption Bill (2018) and the Associated Whistle-Blower Protection Bill (2018) will be tabled in Parliament this year,” PM Houenipwela said.

He also said in a relatively short period the SIDCC Government has driven a number of key legislative and policy reforms and economic opportunities.

And some of those reforms were also championed by the previous DCC government with bipartisan support. These reforms represent important milestones in our journey since Independence and going forward into the next 40 years, PM Houenipwela said.

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