Call for WW2 relics to be preserved and not shipped away



PEOPLE of Shortland Islands are once again calling for the preservation and development of heritage and war relic sites on Balalae Island and within Shortland islands in the Western Province.

A concerned Mr Paul from Shortland Islands spoke to Island Sun Gizo yesterday, saying that preservation of relic sites are very important to develop tourism industry in the province.

“This is not first time WW two relics have been destroyed in the Shortland Islands. Personally, I regret it”.

Paul said the Government, landowners and the community should be aware of the value of heritage. Landowners must take responsibility and help people increase their knowledge about heritage value.

“We should have rules to protect our heritage, designed more clearly by the State, for each level, agency and individual in the system engaged in protecting relic sites. In other words, the government and landowners system needs to be more effective”.

The plane in the pic was moved from within the island to the cleared spot awaiting shipment. Picture supplied by a member of the Shortlands Forum group.

He said that people in the Shortland Islands should be ready to co-operate with Ministry of Tourism and Culture to meet their demands in terms of tourism industry.

“Landowners should take more care about protecting and preserving relic sites. Tourism responsible should encourage people to get involved in preservation and development of tourism”.

Meanwhile, a Gizo based Shortland islander have raised concerns over removal of World War two plane wrecks on the island airport of Balalae.

He said this is absurd and land owners have little right to remove such properties owned by the state.

Currently the World War two planes are sitting on the coast of Balalae awaiting shipment.

He added that it is the only tourist attraction for them there thus this action should not be tolerated.

He said the people of Shortland Islands are furious and also demand answers from authorities and people responsible.

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