Burns creek chief wants reconciliation with PM

THE Burnscreek community in East Honiara plans to reconcile with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare following the devastating riots in November 2021.

Prime Minister Sogavare was also a victim after rioters burst into his compound at Lunga and burned down part of his multi-million-dollar property.

Chairman of Burnscreek community and deputy Paramount chief, Seti Iromea said his community was supposed to meet yesterday to discuss plans and ways for a fundraising to reconcile with PM Sogavare.

He said the riot was really bad and made them ashamed to meet the Prime Minister at his office to apologise to him.

Iromea said the leaders were not involved in the riot, even though they tried their best to stop the youths which proved futile.

Furthermore, he said Burnscreek had organized similar reconciliations in the past in 2008 and 2014 where they reconciled with people of Guadalcanal as a result of the ethnic conflict.

Minister of Finance and Treasury, Harry Kuma has confirmed the riot last November has cost the country $811 million worth of infrastructure.

It was one of the worst riots since 2006.

It is estimated more than 1000 people have also lost their jobs.

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