Bio-security to visit rural communities in Gizo



THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock bio-security team from Honiara and other officials from Australia will visit Gizo in the Western province.

A statement from the Gizo bio-security office yesterday said the purpose of the visit is to put preventive measures in place to keep plants and coconut trees healthy from diseases.

Bio-security is planning to help and ensure that practices must be routinely carried out to homes, farms and urban areas for the benefit of plants, vegetables and coconut trees.

They will also visit rural communities to assess other diseases that are continuing to affect fruits, vegetables and coconut trees.

Gizo bio-security officer confirmed that the team will visit Saeragi village, Mile-six farm area, West Gizo communities and Gizo urban areas.

“We encourage the general public to report any signs or sickness that affecting your food gardens or coconuts to all our officers.

“The team will be carrying out their duty this Friday 13 April 2018.”

Public is being urged to report any disease, symptom or sign to the officers to assist in.

The officers said the team are currently in Munda and are expected to arrive tomorrow in Gizo.

Public have been encouraged to remain at their respective villages to assist the officials from Australia and bio-security officers from Honiara.

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