Better road ahead for Auki



AUKI is bracing for better roads following a start to road repairs this week.

JED Enterprise Construction Company started upgrade work on the road in Auki on Monday.

Locally owned company, JED, was awarded with road rehabilitation in the province.

Deputy Provincial Secretary who is acting PS for Malaita province, Mr David Filia Tuita confirmed to Sun Auki on JED’s commencement upgrade work.

Tuita said the upgrade of Auki’s road is part of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID’s) road rehabilitation for the province where similar works are being carried out on south, east and north roads in the province.

He said awarding the Auki Township Road Upgrade contract to JED Enterprise was made by MID.

Tuita added that reason for Auki Township Road Upgrade was to address the current condition of roads in Auki in preparation for the upcoming Malaita 2nd Appointed Day – August 15.

On that note, he applauded JED Enterprise for showing courtesy to provincial government by obtaining a provincial business licence before commencing their work.

Tuita said other companies working on roads in parts of the province did not bother to get a licence from the Malaita provincial government.

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