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Atoifi Hospital urgently in need of medical supplies

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DEAR EDITOR, in the September 21, 2018, I wrote the letter, below; to Honiara newspapers in the form of an appeal in the hope that the then reported urgent need for medical supplies at the Atoifi Hospital might be relieved.

I have returned from Singapore to learn that no help for the hospital has been forthcoming and I would again, please, request some help is quickly rendered to the hospital by the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health and Medical Services, if possible, or by one or more of Solomon Islands traditional aid partners or international agencies such as those operating under the auspices of the UN.

The Atoifi Hospital in Malaita, although an Adventist Hospital serves a population of 80,000 people and has provided skilled medical services in a Christian environment for over 36 years.

The hospital has an operating theatre which performs around 600 surgical operations each year.

“While the National Referral Hospital is said to be gradually returning to normal after comparatively recently running out of essential medical drugs and supplies and then getting help from regional donor partners and several members of the public and organisations, news has reached me that the situation at the Atoifi Hospital in Malaita regarding medical supplies is rather critical.

“In writing this letter, by way of an appeal, I would ask for help in supplying the Atoifi Hospital with either the medical supplies said to be urgently required at the hospital’s pharmacy department or donations to help the hospital acquire the necessary needs.

“It is my understanding the medical supplies listed are urgently required at the Atoifi Hospital (although the list is by no means conclusive) and more information of needs can be obtained by contacting the hospital

“May I thank all those willing and able to assist the Atoifi Hospital in advance of help that might be given.”

Adrenaline 1mg/ml ( 30amps)

Oxytocin 5units (30amps)

Ceftriaxone 1gr ( 30vials)

Ferrous sulphate tabs (2000)

Indomethacin 25mg ( 2000)

Benzhexol 5mg tabs ( 500)

Haloperidol 5mg tabs ( 500)

Depo inj 150mg/ ml (50vials)

iodiene 10% solution ( 10bottles)

Zinc sulphate 20mg ( 500tabs)

Plaster rolls ( 36)


Yours sincerely


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