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Archbishop Smith well and in home care

Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith OP and Br. Michael SM at Nazareth House, Dublin, Ireland

Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith who had left seeking medical attention is reportedly ‘comfortable and happy’.

Catholic Media statement yesterday said Archbishop Chris Cardone had emailed the Catholic Communications office last week informing them of this uplifting news.

Cardone said that Emeritus Archbishop was visited by a classmate of his time from the Marianist:

“Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith was recently visited in Ireland by a friend and classmate of Archbishop Chris:  Marianist Brother Michael McAward.

“Br Michael SM is on the General Council of the Marianist Society and he recently was in Dublin Ireland doing a Visitation of his community.

“Thankfully he was able to visit Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith who is residing at Nazareth House an old people place a place for ‘olos’ run by the Nazareth Sisters.”

The email also stated that Emeritus was delighted to see a familiar face who he met when Br Michael SM visited Solomon Islands a while ago.

“Brother Michael SM has visited Solomon Islands and knows Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith, so he was delighted to see Brother Mike who conveyed sincerest greetings of Archbishop Chris Cardone OP and our SI Community.”

He ended by reminding friends and Christians to continue remember Emeritus Archbishop Adrian in their Prayers.

“Let us all remember Adrian in our daily prayers.”

Communication also get in contact with Br Michael SM with the help of His Grace Archbishop Christopher Cardone OP.

Michael stated in his email that during his visit, he had a chance to sit and talk with Emeritus and conveyed greetings from the Solomon Islands and His Grace Archbishop Chris OP.

“He looks very good and is comfortable and happy”.   

Michael ended by sharing Emeritus words of his experience in the old people house.

“He told me that the people who care for him are exceptionally nice and caring,” It stated.

Archbishop Emeritus Adrian Smith was appointed as an Auxiliary Bishop of Honiara, Solomon Islands in the late 1983 – 1984 and later Installed as the Metropolitan Archbishop of Honiara in 1985 until retired on June 2016.

His Grace Emeritus Archbishop Adrian Smith SM departed Solomon Islands last year in January for medical attention before the covid-19 crisis hit.

Since then he couldn’t make it back due to the pandemic and his health.


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