88 new cases, Lock-down ends tomorrow with stiff measures

THE Country has recorded 88 new cases of COVID-19 after tests were done on 343 samples in the past 24 hours ending 8 am this morning.

And Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare has announced that strict COVID-19 measures will be enforced when the lock-down is lifted in Honiara tomorrow morning.

The Prime Minister said the further rise has seen the country recording 169 total cases, with recent increases meaning the virus has already reached pockets of our communities.

He also pointed out that all of the new cases are linked to the 44 passengers who came on the MV Awka from Ontong Java on January 10th.

“After embarking in Honiara, most of the passengers remained here, but some had traveled to GPPOL, Foxwood, and Aruligo on Guadalcanal, as well as the Western and Makira provinces.

Out of the total positive tests yesterday, some were from the Good Samaritan Hospital at Tetere, Guadalcanal plains.

The Prime Minister, therefore, appealed to the 44 passengers on the Awka to remain at home and contact the Ministry of Health through 155 or 25256 to get to them.

Or people who might come into contact with any of the passengers, to remain at home, self-isolate, and call health authorities for assistance.

Mr Sogavare also appealed to homeowners, who might be sheltering these people to inform the health department if authorities have not paid them a visit.

“The latest figures show the virus is widespread and we are expecting pockets of infection from GPPOL and Fox-wood as well as in some provinces.

“We are stepping up operations in anticipation of this,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the oversight committee has recommended the following actions to be observed following the lifting of lockdown tomorrow morning.

  1. Limiting people movement, it is important that everyone limits their movement into the city or to crowded areas, remember when you move the virus moves.
  2. The business houses will be consulted to adopt a covid-19 safety approach.
  3. Mode of work is being reviewed, to ensure productivity is retained while safety is enhanced.
  4. School opening will be delayed for a week for further assessment on the situation with further decisions to be done in the next week.
  5. Implementation of the Ontong java engagement plan to contain and control COVID19 in the area.
  6. Implementation of provincial emergency plans to put on place mechanisms to contain and control any spread of the virus to provinces.
  7. Continue to observe COVID-19 safe practices as follows:
  8. Limit movement to town.
  9. Wear face masks when leaving homes.
  10. Do not leave your home if you are not wearing a face mask.
  11.  Practice social distancing of at least 2 meters distance from the next person.
  12. Use hand sanitizers or wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  13. Do not congregate.
  14.  Practice social distancing and use face mask when travelling in public transports, maximum of three people per taxi and only two people per row in a public bus.
  15.  Use masks when go into shops and the market.

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