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By Alfred Sasako

THE Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) was last night celebrating its victory in snatching five Opposition MPs, swelling its ranks to 11 members, Party sources told Island Sun last night.

The five are Hon David Day Pacha, Hon Alfred Ghiro, Hon Charles Sigoto, Hon Martin Kealoe and Hon Lionel Alex.

Sources said the MPs have resigned from the Opposition.

Amongst the five were four MPs who crossed the floor to vote with DAP-led revolt, subsequently resulting in Hon Ricky Hou winning the vote as the Prime Minister.

Last night DAP put on a welcoming function for the new DAP members at the Jinas Restaurant. One more Opposition MP is expected to join the DAP soon, the Party said.

If this happens, the DAP will have a commanding position in terms of numerical strength.

DAP membership now stands at 11, the single largest Party in terms of number in the coalition led by Prime Minister Hou.

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