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5 months gap in learning this year

Hon. Lanelle Tanangada


STUDENTS in Primary and Secondary have experienced five months loss of learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Minister of Education and Human Resources, Lannell Tanangada confirmed this when asked by Leader of Opposition, Mathew Wale in Parliament yesterday.

Tanangada said so far there is limited data to study the questions on loss of learning experience by the students both in Primary and Secondary schools during the covid 19 pandemic.

“Nonetheless there has been significant impact of covid 19 on students learning.

“We could estimate loss of learning experience by students in terms of number of hours, days, weeks, months and years of no face-to-face instructions,” she said.

“For example, this year alone, there were five months of loss of learning experienced by the students.

“Loss of learning could also be expressed in terms of curriculum coverage,” she said.

Tanangada said the subject contents, knowledge, skills and attitudes that were associated with the subjects’ students did not learn during the closure of schools.

“In summary closure of schools resulting from Covid-19 pandemic had impacted on instructions and teaching and learning time.

“We know there was loss of instructional time as well as welfares of students. Students were affected psychology. They become anxious. They are worried about their education and long for a time the schools were open. They thought about their exams they were supposed to sit to progress to the next level of education and students were uncertain about their future and whether they would continue and complete their education,” she said.

“So, the overall closure of schools caused by covid 19 has had devastating impacts on our students learning.

“In other words, students experienced huge learning loss during the covid 19 period and they would need to catch up with their learning to be recover,” she added.

Parliament continues at 9.30am today.

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