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2015 year 4 and 6 pupil’s performance concerns MEHRD

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SOLOMON Islands Standardised Tests of Achievement (SISTA) 2015 in-depth analysis states that year-four pupils’s writing performance was very poor

However, there is significant improvement between year-four students and sixers. But, the down-side is that their performances were below the expected level.

Permanent Secretary for MEHRD (Ministry of Education Human Resources Development) highlighted regardless of significant challenges year-four students were developing skills in English reading.

He said this is to help them in skills associated with constructing and writing responses compared to those required in recognising a correct answer in a multiple choice item format.

PS Franco Rodie adds, during the analysis weaknesses in English language acquisition at year-4 levels relative to the expected outcomes articulated in the curriculum.

The report analysis was conducted by the Australian Council of Education Research to find out pupil’s performance.

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