SIUP submits to get formal blessing of Political Parties Commission

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Executive members of UP, Mr Abraham Namokari, and Mr Adam Bartlett accompanied Mr Kenilorea as they submitted
the required documentation at the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties Commission on Wednesday.

ONE of Solomon Islands’ original Political Parties, the Solomon Islands United Party (UP), has formally submitted its application to register, with the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties.

This is the first step towards UP being officially registered as a Political Party in accordance with the Political Parties Integrity Act of 2014.

After being dormant for a number of years, UP is looking forward to contesting next year’s National General Elections (NGE).

President of the party, Mr Peter Kenilorea Jr stated that although time may not be on their side, the group is looking to contest in as many constituencies as possible in 2019.

Kenilorea Jnr himself is intending to contest the East Are Are constituency, in Malaita’s Southern region.

It is revealed that once United Party is officially registered, and until NGE nominations open, he will be the President.

Kenilorea Jnr also stated that UP is looking to bring back a sense of hope that Solomon Islanders would have felt 40 years ago when Solomon Islands joined the family of nations as an independent sovereign state.

UP is looking to connect its own rich political heritage with a new generation of leaders. Kenilorea Jnr’s late father, Sir Peter Kenilorea, was once the leader of the UP.

“We have been receiving strong support from many in the rural areas who have signed our membership forms. This is very encouraging,” Kenilorea Jnr stated.

Kenilorea Jnr also stated that he is a firm believer of the Political Party system saying that, ‘the value that a strong party system can add to our political discourse needs to be fully realized. We would like UP to contribute as well.’

The UP President said he understands that a number of other parties are also looking to register in time for the 2019 NGE.

Kenilorea Jnr further expressed the hope that the process to consider and officially register UP is done in good time to allow the Party to begin its outreach and preparations for the NGE and also fulfill its obligations under the Political Parties Act.

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