Petition against withdrawal of Anti-corruption Bill takes place

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Members of the public signing for petition against the withdrawal of the Anticorruption Bill at Parliament on Tuesday

PUBLIC signing for a petition against the withdrawal of the Anti-corruption Bill at Parliament started yesterday along Honiara Town.

Leading the public signings is the Civil Society Organisation’s Anti-corruption Committee.

According to Dr Huddie Namo the Chairman of CSO’s Anti-corruption Committee, the Prime Minister says that he will bring back the piece of legislation on the Anti-corruption Bill as a new Bill in 2018 came as a political insult greatly cried for by the public.

“Unfortunately, the statement that was published on Island Sun recently was not made by the Prime Minister. It was made yet by his Legal Technical Advisor on which having that kind of scenario does not make sense. There is no consistence coming from the PM’s Office,” said the CSO Chairman.

“Because of such, we have decided to carry out this signing for the petition. If the Government brings back the Bill in Parliament next month then that is well done.”

The signing for the petition is to conclude today. The CSO Anti-corruption Committees aim is to reach 10,000 signings from the general public before the Member of Parliament for West Makira Hon Derick Manu’ari will do the last signing and present it to Parliament.

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